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With Confidence, I market homes and protect the public with 40 plus years of knowledge and strategy while using Utah Real Estate Forms


I'm Very Competitive and You
Get A Seasoned Broker
with Over 40 plus Years In The Industry.

Scott Thompson
HomeBased Realtors

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Mobile phone
marketing tools.

Flyer boxes don't work, they're always empty, rain damaged,
and a wadded up mess when extras are stuffed back in the box 

Address websites are best...

Drone Marketing
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Full Service Brokerage
With Lower commissions,
allowing you to use
your equity for other

All Real Estate Agents Do The Following:
As a seasoned broker, I know how to negotiate, and how to keep a poker face while dealing with agents who bring offers to the table.

What would you do with extra money, NOT hundreds, but thousands of dollars? 
I can save you money!

A higher commission does not indicate better service, it only indicates huge overhead of brokerage costs, office rent, etc. 


Commission rates
are negotiable.


Commission Rates And Anti Trust Violations
There are no going rates, no price fixing, there are no standard rates, no going rate commissions, there are no average commission rates.  If there was a set fee of 6%-5% it would be considered a violation of anti trust laws.

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Additional Link, Anti Trust Law Click Here

Text Me At:  435-753-4577
From 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
M-T-W-T-F-S and Sunday after 9:00 PM

If your property is currently listed with a Brokerage, please disregard my offers. It is not my intention to solicit the offerings of other realtors you may be working with through an agency relationship agreement. I will be happy to work with them and cooperate fully, but if it has expired from the MLS have you considerer

Feel Free To Text Me From
6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
For Additional Questions

Again, something to remember about me...
With Confidence, I Market Homes and protect the public with  and 40 plus years In Cache County, Davis, Weber,
and Box Elder County

Scott Thompson
HomeBased Realtors

This Landline Is A Texting Number

Video Below Is Password Protected.

I'm the real estate broker other
agent's don't want you to know about, why, because I have information the Veteran agent's don't want you to know and what the rookie agent's have no clue of. The video below allows you to see exactly what goes on behind the curtain when a real estate agent gets involved. The more you know about us and how we actually work, the more power you have over us.
The key is Trust Through Transparency, in helping you sell right the first time. 

request password after my interview....

People think we are licensed to
sell real estate, make a ton of money, etc., but actually...
We are licensed to protect the public.

If we assume we are licensed to sell to make a lot of money, we tend to look at the dollars involved in each transaction. When we clearly focus on being licensed to protect the public, we serve our buyers and sellers in a respectful way.

If my services are a fit great, if not, I respect your decision, and leave it at that.

Trust Through Transparency.

The secret to keeping more of your equity is knowing what goes on behind the curtain, how we all work and think, how they determine commission rates and why, etc. The more you know through transparency, the more control you have in selling your home right the first time.
 Video #15 Web Page: Here

One of the step by step examples when
I list your home right the first time.

1. List to MLS and IDX  

2. Opportunity to choose your neighbor, link going to your neighbothood.

3. No flyer box in front of home. Instead, I use your URL address on sign. 353Robin.Com  Flyer boxes are always empty.

4. Information, just listed to targeted areas. There are homes that were build in the 1970's, 80's and 90's that are super nice, but they want to upgrade to newer and sometimes to different areas. Mailers are sent to these areas.

5. MLS Tour Link. Buyers and Agents.

6. I use other or additional non-triditional Alternative marketing strategies to sell your home right the first time. I will explain those strategies when we meet. 


Scott Thompson
HomeBased Realtors

This Landline Is A Texting Number